Market Assessment of Bread Improver (BI) in India

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

  • The company was in Japan to successfully mass produce yeast for bread, and also through the fermentation technology, over these years, the client had contributed to supply high- quality biochemical and research
  • The company in India was involved in the manufacturing of different bioproducts such as coenzyme, recombinant enzyme, enzyme, substrate, antibody, buffer, extract, cytokine, drug selection marker, control, etc.
  • The top management wished to evaluate and assess the Bread Improver Market in India. Hence, they requested UC Strategy to ‘Conduct Landscape Study for BI Market in India’ 

Our Approach

To assess market landscape, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted an extensive primary and secondary research to understand the general market information about bread improver such as Definition, Application, Functions, Key Customers etc.
  • Analysed the market dynamics for bread improver from supply angle i.e.
    • Key suppliers of Bread Improver in India
    • Key ingredient suppliers for BI Manufacturers
    • Customers preference to buy BI along with yeast from same company or buy separately
  • Examined the requirement for BI across customer segments i.e
    • General purpose/ function of BI
    • The requirement for BI for different bakeries such as large mechanized bakeries, retail artisan bakeries etc.
    • Addition of emulsifiers to BI
    • Willingness of customers to pay for BI
    • Customer decision criteria to use BI and their perception about BI brands
    • Preference of bakeries to use BI or use bread premix instead of that
    • Requirements of large bakeries for customized BI vs standard one
  • Assessed the impact of bromate ban on bakeries and bread improver manufacturers i.e.
    • Usage of Bromate free BI by bakeries or with bromate BI
    • Feedback of customers regarding bromate ban and impact on prices of BI and end products after bromate ban

Our Impact

The client obtained detailed insights about the bread improver market in India and potential action points to enter the market


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