Landscaping Agriculture Sector in Indian for an Intuitional Investor Firm

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Client Challenge

The client was a small institutional investment company based in the US and having a branch in India. The client wanted to landscape the Indian agriculture scenario to check if any significant investment opportunity existed or not and as such the client appointed UC to landscape the Indian agriculture sector

Our Approach

In order to conduct a review, UC used the following approach:

  • As a part of the project conducted in-depth reviews and in-person interviews with more than 90 respondents across segments such as:
    • Tissue culture
    • Seeds manufacturer
    • Contract farming
    • Floriculture
    • Honey producers
    • Fisheries
    • Poultry farming
    • Meat Processing
    • Dairy
    • Spices
    • Dry fruits processing
  • Across the above segments, a detailed assessment and examination were carried out to:
    • Determine business opportunities
    • Determine value chain dynamics and looking at opportunities (if any) within the value chain
  • Evaluated the segments for product and or service landscape
  • Examined the involvement of primary and secondary entities within each segment
  • Identified potential relevance of players at each level within the segments
  • Determined financial business viability indicators.


Our Impact

The client received a market landscape report. UC prepared a way forward plan and recommended the client to finalise segments to be pursued for market-scan and short-listing of candidates. We also recommended them market scan to identify candidates for relevant sub-segments for undertaking business.



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