Landscaping Business Opportunities in Railway Transportation

Financial Services Consulting

Client Challenge

The company was interested in exploring business opportunities in Indian Railways Landscape. It requested UC STRATEGY to undertake a broad landscaping of the various business opportunities associated with railways transportation in India, shortlist key business opportunities for Japanese client’s consideration (to be taken up for detailed examination in the next phase), followed by detailed analysis of the possible business segments

Our Approach

To conduct this engagement, UC STRATEGY adopted the following approach:

  • Identified 55-60 different business opportunities in Indian Railways landscape across various segments such as rolling stock, tracks, signalling & telecommunication, passenger services, station infrastructure, etc.
  • Profiled above opportunities on pre-defined criteria such as size of opportunity, private sector participation, FDI, current tendering process, presence of competition, capabilities required, etc.
  • Developed opportunity attractiveness model
  • Shortlisted 5-6 opportunities for client to deep dive further in phase 2

Our Impact

We provided segment-wise market sizing along with its growth forecast and value drivers also understanding of customer dynamics and buying behavior. Mapping key competitors w.r.t product capabilities, technology tie-ups, key strengths and weaknesses, etc.

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