Landscaping the India High Tension Motor Market

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was one of the leaders in the electrical engineering industry. The company was manufacturing transformers, motors and drives. They wanted to landscape the high tension (HT) motor market of India.


Our Approach

 UC STRATEGY landscaped the market, following the following processes:

  • Defined the HT motor Industry in India based on frame size, input voltage and power output
  • Estimate the total market of HT motors in India and triangulate the market size figure with some of the competitor’s sale
  • Extrapolate the demand based on the expansion plan of the key application industries and understand the demand-supply gap in each segment
  • Segment the market based on various machine application, type of motor, frame size and application industry vertical
  • Understand competition on key parameters like production capabilities, focus application segments and the future expansion plans
  • Based on the study, express our viewpoint on the feasibility of entering the HT motor market


Our Impact

The client received details on the market size and the demand-supply in each of the segments. UC STRATEGY also gave the client an understanding of the competition’s strategy in the market to evaluate the entry decision in the HT motor industry.




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