Landscaping of the Market for Aerated and Non-Aerated Drinks in East Africa

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, a manufacturing company, requested UC Strategy to evaluate the possibility of setting up and selling beverages in the East African markets


Our Approach

In order to landscape the market, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • Covered an array of beverages as a part of the assignment so as to ensure the entire category is covered, this category included:
    • Carbonated drinks
    • Fruit juices
    • Concentrates
    • Squashes
    • Energy Drinks
  • Covered a vast East African geography, ranging from:
    • Uganda
    • Rwanda
    • Kenya
    • Tanzania
    • The Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Southern Sudan
  • Assessed and examined overall country profiles, this assessment included:
    • Socio-Economic indicators
    • Political landscape
    • GDP Growth
    • Population & growth rates
    • Per capita income, etc.
  • Examined and analysed the market perspectives. These included:
    • Market/ Consumer segmentation – Demographic & Geographic
    • Market size
    • Expected growth
    • Per capita consumption
    • Trends in consumption
    • Drivers for growth
    • Spends on F&B category
    • Distribution perspective and Supply chain dynamics
      • Organised Retail (Supermarkets)
      • Mom & Pop shops
    • Supply Chain Outlook
    • Entry Barriers to the business
  • Undertook competition landscaping, this included:
    • Segmentation of players into strategic group
    • Traditional Cola companies – Coca-Cola, Pepsi
    • Alcoholic Drinks players – SAB Miller, EABL etc.
    • Regional/ Local players – Soda King, Softa, Pacmar, etc.
    • Profiled players:
      • Business Model
      • Product portfolio
      • Positioning
      • SKUs sold
      • Typical Price points
      • Packaging – Glass v/s PET
      • Countries present in
      • Distribution model
      • Market shares
      • Stated strategy
      • Potential New Entrants.


Our Impact

Client received a detailed landscaping report of the East African markets. Based on the UC Strategy report and recommendation the client went ahead with detailed business plan and business model formulation.

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