Landscaping Opportunities in Coaches and Forged Wheels in India

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a professional services firm offering a range of Tax, Risk and M&A advisory service for domestic and global businesses of all sizes. The client requested UC Strategy to conduct a joint study titled ‘Landscaping Business Opportunities in Coaches and Forged Wheels in India’ to conduct a high-level assessment of potential opportunities in Indian Railways.

Our Approach

To conduct this engagement, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Desktop research from various sources to access relevant publicly available information
  • In-depth discussions with various stakeholders in Target Segments. E.g.
    • Customers of Target Segments (IR, Metro operators/developers, suburban railways, high-speed railways)
    • Competitors in Target Segments (Coach manufacturers [Indian players and MNCs], bogie & forged wheel manufacturers, suppliers & contractors)
    • Regulatory bodies, technology Providers, industry experts, consultants etc.
  • Addressed the following areas w.r.t opportunities in target segments
    • Macroeconomic factors impacting Target Segments
    • Industry landscape of Target Segments in India, including potential demand, key drivers and existing / expected supply
    • Key risks and impact on Target Segments
    • Procurement dynamics of customers in Target Segments
    • Competitive scenario/player landscape of manufacturers in Target Segments
    • Recommendation to Japanese client for entry options in Target Segments

Our Impact

We helped them in segment-wise market sizing along with its growth forecast and value drivers. Also, we gave them a better understanding of customer dynamics and buying behavior, mapping key competitors and entry options in target segments.

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