Conducting Market Assessment of E-Retailing for Edible Nuts

Agribusiness Consulting Firm

Client Challenge

The client was one of the leading commodity companies across the sub-continent and enjoys a pan-India footprint for 10 key products such as Spices, Cashew nuts, Peanuts, Sugar, Cocoa, Green coffee, Edible oil, and Almonds etc.

It was servicing various B2B customers along with food services, however food service was not a focus segment. It was considering food services/ HORECA as key focus segment going forward. Towards the above-stated objective, it requested UC Strategy to assess buying behaviour of HORECA/food service segment across product categories of spices, cashew nuts, peanuts, sugar, cocoa, green coffee, edible oil, almonds etc.

Our Approach

To assess the buying behavior of HORECA segment across product categories, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Understood the scope of study and key objectives
  • Developed an understanding of the HORECA industry and its segments
  • Conducted PR interviews within each segment in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore to understand the buying behavior
  • Analyzed the data to understand the key purchasing criteria for each segment and analyzed if there is a similarity in purchasing behavior within a segment
  • Conducted PR interviews with major distributors in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore to understand the key success factors for a distributor
  • Identified gaps based on the responses from both the PRs and evaluated the best mode of entry to service HORECA segments.
  • Formulated conclusions and recommendations
  • Documented the final report

Our Impact

We provided the client with a detailed understanding of the HORECA segment along with purchasing behavior, Process adopted by competitors to service HORECA segment, Importance of distribution channel in this segment and Key Success Factors to service HORECA.

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