Conducting Market Assessment of Mid-Tier Segment for Knee Implants in India

Pharma Consulting Services

Client Challenge

A Medical Technology company was headquartered in the US with wide-ranging products under three major segments – Orthopedics, Medical and Surgical, and Neurotechnology. Products included orthopaedic implants, endoscopic surgical devices, hospital beds, power tools, operating room equipment and others. The client was a strong player in developed markets and was looking at potential strategies to disrupt the emerging markets and become a dominant player in India by participating in and enabling the India growth story.

Our Approach

It needed assistance in the following areas w.r.t. the mid-tier segment for total knee replacements (TKR):

  • Segmented the market and define the mid-tier segment
  • Determined current (2016) and future (2019) mid-tier market size
  • Gathered Surgeons’ perception of technology and how our client can assist surgeons to grow their practice
  • Developed a differentiated approach and growth strategy

In line with the above approach, the UC Strategy team conducted an extensive primary research with ~230 interviews across 15 cities (tier 1A, 1B, and 1C). Surgeons, distributors, patients and personnel from competitive companies were interviewed to understand market dynamics of mid-tier packages and the utility of technologies such as patient-specific instrumentation (PSI) and computer-assisted technology.

Our Impact

We concluded the definition of a mid-tier package by price, implant and room type, overall annual TKR market size and share of the market of the mid-tier segment, TKR market share by different companies, Key purchase and switching criteria among orthopaedic surgeons for knee implants. We also provided Surgeon profiles to target for PSI, Current demands for computer-assisted technology, patient requirements and considerations


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