Market Assessment on Collecting and Processing Nucleic Acid Samples in the Molecular Diagnostics Market of India

Biotech Consulting Services

Client Challenge 

The client was involved in developing advanced molecular diagnostic products that would bring fast, accurate and low-cost diagnostics to a range of critical medical and scientific applications. The company was developing a low-cost instrument for real-time polymerase chain reactions (PCR). It believed that India would be one of the countries with real market potential. Thus, the client requested UC Strategy to assist in conducting a market assessment for nucleic acid sample collection and processing in India.

Our Approach

To assist the company in conducting the market assessment, UC Strategy adopted the following approach

  • Estimated the market for nucleic acid sample collection and processing in India
  • Developed a map of all the types of workflow protocols adopted by research and diagnostic labs in India
  • Understood and highlighted reasons for switching from manual to automated workflow systems
  • Understood the possible opportunities within the market, for the client

Our Impact

The client received a detailed implementation plan of integrated findings from the three assignments conducted for the client, included a plan to launch the testing platform, tests (kits) and sample processing platform (and kits).



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