Defining Market Entry Strategy for Sanitary Ware, Vitrified Tiles, Gypsum Plaster Boards

Building Materials Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a major building materials supplier and manufactures panels, walling blocks, plywood substitutes, high-quality pipes and fittings, and industrial insulation. The client wanted to enter new segments of building products namely sanitary wares, tiles, faucets and gypsum boards in India, as a part of its growth strategy. It approached UC Strategy to evaluate these product segments and provide a Go/No-Go decision and help to develop a market entry strategy for each product segment.

Our Approach

  • We initiated the project with context building so as to understand client’s current objective and strategic intent for entering new markets. In this stage, we met the top management and other senior personnel to collect
  • We prepared detailed discussion guides and identified stakeholders viz. manufacturers, distributors, retailers, architects and influencers, developers and end users of various products
  • UC Strategy then conducted detailed primary and secondary research for assessing the market attractiveness, feasibility and economic viability of the Indian market for shortlisted products

Our Impact

UC Strategy estimated the overall demand-supply for individual product segments 2021. We evaluated Go/No-Go and prepared detailed market entry strategy which included recommendations on product sub-segments, customer segments, business model, value chain, manufacturing set up and locations etc and also developed detailed financial models.

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