Market Survey of Indian Door Hardware and Security Systems for a Leading Premium Access Solutions and Service Provider

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Client Challenge

The client was a leading international company in premium access solutions & services. In the business segments of door control, movable walls and glass fittings the company is a world leader. The client approached UC Strategy to conduct an Indian market survey of door hardware and security systems

Our Approach

In order to conduct the market survey, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • As a part of the assignment conducted detailed primary research
  • Interviewed more than 20 industry respondents which included key prospective customers and other key competitors
  • Segmented the door hardware and security systems market into three distinct segments based on market inputs
  • For each of the segment assessed and examined the market size, growth and future growth potential
  • Assessed and examined the competition:
    • Conducted detailed competition benchmarking
    • Assessed each key players for:
      • Business model and strategy
      • Product assortment
      • Service delivery and use of value chain
    • Examined the consumer brand preference
    • Laid out the key success factors for the market
    • Examined and highlighted the supply chain prevalent in the industry

Our Impact

The client was handed over a detailed Indian market survey. It enabled the company to take appropriate correct decisions based on the survey.

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