Organisation Review for a Manufacturer of Ferro Alloys

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client had a lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities, a lack of adequately trained employees, a disparity in the salary structure among employees and an absence of a performance evaluation system. Several key business activities like ‘vendor development’, and ‘development of new products and technologies’ were not being performed. There were high production losses, an absence of management information system (MIS) reporting and operations were largely manual.

Our Approach

UC Strategy adopted the following steps for this project:

  • Defined the core and support business processes of the company
  • Re-organised the company completely around business processes
  • Developed job descriptions and key performance indicators for each position
  • Restructured compensation of employees to eliminate disparities
  • Developed an upward and downward performance evaluation system
  • Implemented a performance based incentive scheme linked to compensation
  • Developed a production MIS reporting package under FoxPro for windows as an interim solution
  • Setup a computer LAN under Novell NetWare 3.11
  • Initiated training programs for employees including computer literacy, team building workshops, and in technical/production areas
  • Identified solutions for preventing production losses in the following areas –

    1) Improvement of power factor

    2) Ore up gradation

    3) Improvement of cooling efficiency

    4) Reduction in water hardness

    5) Preventive maintenance

Our Impact

All the above solutions were implemented by 15 project teams involving 24 client personnel under UC Strategy’s supervision.