Organisation Review for Manufacturer of Formulations

Client Challenge

The client was recently acquired and there were frequent changes in management resulting in employees being apprehensive about the future. The company was a hierarchical organisation characterised by too many managers to evaluate field operations. There were functional ‘silos’ resulting in an absence of integrity between product management and medical representatives. The field-force was unable to handle doctors’ queries. There was a complete lack of focus on new product development, the militancy of field staff, an absence of a robust system to evaluate the performance of personnel and a lack of adequate information technology to manage information requirements.

Our Approach

UC Strategy provided suggestions to the client in the following areas:

  • Developed a business strategy for the company. The key areas identified were dermatology products and the setting up diagnostic/ daycare centres leveraging on the group’s infrastructure
  • Recommended a “cross-functional team” structure comprising of product management and medical representatives to improve responsiveness to customer needs
  • Developed job descriptions, profiles and key performance indicators for each position
  • Developed a robust upward and downward performance evaluation mechanism
  • Designed a performance-based incentive scheme linked to employee compensation
  • Developed a structured product management process
  • Evaluated information requirements of the company.

Our Impact

UC Strategy defined key business processes of the company and organised the company around processes that reduced the number of layers from 7 to 4. UC Strategy recommended and implemented a ‘packaged software’ to cater to the information requirements. UC Strategy developed a sales MIS reporting package on MS – Excel 5.0 for Windows and a comprehensive doctor database using ACT 2.0 for Windows as an interim solution.


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