Organisation Structure and Process Review for an Aerosol Producer Based in India

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Client Challenge

The client, an INR 100 Cr company in the business of aerosol, liquid formulation and filling, production of aerosol valves and tin-plate aerosol containers. It planned to achieve a turnover of INR 150 Cr in the next three years. The company wanted to institute professionalism in the management.

Given this, the client appointed UC STRATEGY to assist in reviewing and redesigning its organisational structure and processes.


Our Approach

In order to conduct a review, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • Conducted an internal analysis of the organisation along with interviewing of key management people across broad spectrum of employees
  • Conducted a detailed diagnostic review, which included:
    • Developing strategic intent
    • Developing an operational level perspective
    • Analysing present organisation structure
    • Analysed current processes in use
    • Drew out a strategy map and mapped all existing processes, formulate a fish bone analysis to highlight GAPS and issues
  • Defined changes, which included:
    • Redesigning of processes, and formulating of new SOPs
    • Addressed all GAPS and shortcoming of processes
    • Redesigned the organisation structure
    • Created new job descriptions and personal information sheet
    • Overhauled and redesigned the performance evaluation systems
    • Reworked on the KPI’s and KRA’s of each position within the organisation
    • Looked at the IT requirements and recommended changes on the same to the client.

Our Impact

The client not only received a review but also action point and recovery strategies to improve the overall performance. UC STRATEGY also detailed out an implementation support plan to bring about the necessary changes.


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