Program Management Office Consulting

One of the key concerns of top management across industries is the quality of implementation of strategic initiatives. There is often a large implementation gap – failure to convert the strategy into action and to develop an adaptive strategy that evolves with the times. UC STRATEGY helps its clients drive business transformation by converting strategic thought into action through efficient program management.

A Traffic Light System is used to program and manage strategy work streams and track strategic initiatives, with each project assigned a status based on its level of completion. Projects are subject to intense review cycles to monitor progress and highlight any deviations. By ensuring regular client involvement, we are able to effectively assist clients to execute the strategic initiatives.

In a Program Management Office architecture, there are four types of PMO :-

    1. Strategic PMO

UC STRATEGY ensures that the Business heads of the client’s company have the context of projects and provides requisite analytical/strategic support

Key PMO capability required here is to coach business unit executives and project members to have analytical depth and an operational understanding

     2. Transformational PMO

Within Transformational Program Management Office, the primary goal is to achieve Net Promoter Score of >50 and increase automation of planning and fulfilment process.

UC STRATEGY sets up transition architecture and coaches business unit executives and project members

   3. Functional PMO

UC STRATEGY targets to achieve its estimated revenue goal, reduce Selling, General & Administrative expense spend and prepare relevant strategy material for fund raise.

Having strategic perspective, echoing CEO’s voice and analytical rigor and operational understanding of setting up the pace are a few key capabilities required for functional Program Management Office

   4. Transitional PMO

UC STRATEGY makes sure that there is no reduction in sales. As a strategy consulting team, UC STRATEGY prepares relevant business strategy material for fundraise, with clarity of thought in reporting structures

Setting up a transitional architecture, ensuring visibility for all stakeholders are the key capabilities required for Transitional Program Management Office