Preparing Business Plan for Theme Park based on Indian Heritage and Culture

Building Materials Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a company which promoted cultural identity through multimedia, cultural events, seminars publications, audiovisuals and mass-based cultural communication.

The client planned to set up a theme park concept – A Living Heritage Centre, which will be the first comprehensive multimedia interdisciplinary centre for understanding and enjoying the experience of India and its culture in a single space. The client thus hired UC STRATEGY to assist in Preparing Business Plan for Theme Park based on Indian Heritage and Culture


Our Approach

In order to identify suitable business opportunities, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • Examined and assessed the market overview of the amusement and theme park industry in India
  • Derived a concept definition, which included:
    • Understanding of management’s vision and outlining theme park concept
    • Defined attraction mix of virtual and real experience
    • Defined target customer segments
    • Examined location dynamics for setting up of cultural heritage park
  • Carried out an opportunity need assessment
    • Identified strong signals for Indian culture and heritage – region wise
    • Determined leisure and entertainment trends
    • Examined and determined visitor attraction and theme park market trends
    • Identified growth trends in tourism
    • Highlighted initiatives promoting growth of Indian culture and heritage
  • Build the operating model for such as business
    • Build a value proposition for customers and corporate institutions
    • Defined a broad macro level pricing strategy
    • Defined a marketing plan for the concept
    • Derived the possible USP and Key differentiating factors
  • Undertook competition and similar theme profiling to better understand such entertainment concepts
  • Developed a financial plan along with probable cost structure.


Our Impact

The client was delivered a well thought out and documented business plan along with implementation action points


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