Process Streamlining and Developing an Information Technology Strategy for a Banking Organisation

Financial Consulting Strategies

Client Challenge

The client was in its fourth year of operations and had tremendous growth plans. It had businesses in venture capital syndication, portfolio management, proprietary trading and investment banking.

As part of the growth strategy, the company was also planning to set up an asset management company and had plans to double its people strength within 6 months. However, the company was struggling to manage its growth and needed to define standard operating systems and its IT Strategy to support its growth plans. They were facing problems concerning duplication of work, a lack of standardisation and a lack of management information system (MIS) reports. The top management believed that it needed to leverage its IT systems in order to achieve and sustain its growth.

Our Approach

To study process streamlining and develop an information technology strategy, UC STRATEGY adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted interviews with the key personnel in the organisation to understand the various processes
  • Identified all core processes of the organisation
  • Defined standard operating procedures for the following
    • Venture Capital Syndication Process
    • Portfolio Management Services
  • Defined an IT blueprint which involved the following
    • Information schematic
    • Functionality requirements
    • Application and hardware architecture
  • Evaluated software packages and vendors for portfolio management systems
  • Defined the organisation structure and job descriptions for key positions
  • Defined formats for MIS reports

Our Impact

UC STRATEGY defined a standardised operating procedure that minimised duplication of work and we introduced newer formats for MIS reporting, that enhanced efficiency.