Providing Assistance to Build a High Performance Organisation for a Leading Nickel and Cobalt Manufacturing Company in India

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client is a leading manufacturer of nickel and cobalt in India and is looking at rapid growth through massive capacity expansion at multiple locations. The growth of the client in the last few years had not been well supported by human resources policies and the organisation structure and processes. Hence there was an immediate need to define organisation structure, develop a robust talent management program and streamline key processes.

Our Approach

UC Strategy assisted the client in this project, in the following manner:

  • Gained understanding of the current organisation structure and identified key issues impacting the client
  • Conducted workshops to brainstorm on future strategies and to build a strategy map. UC analysed the implication of future strategy on the organisation structure
  • Defined the organisation structure for short and long term, by synthesising the future strategy of the client and by benchmarking with the organisation structure of companies in similar/related process industries
  • Defined talent management practices covering the aspects of talent acquisition, deployment, development and retention
  • Defined job descriptions and job profiles for personnel across all levels
  • Analysed existing processes and identified gaps. Redesigned key processes like new product development, maintenance management, materials management and budgeting process. Identified IT support for key business processes.

Our Impact

UC Strategy recommended on short and long term organisation structure and a detailed structured manual on talent management, job descriptions and profiles, performance appraisal system and standard operating procedures.