Providing an Overview of Travel Insurance Market in India to a Leading Australian based Private Equity Investment Firm

Financial Consulting Strategies

Client Challenge

The client was a leading Australian private equity investment firm and Australia’s largest travel insurer. The client was currently evaluating a number of potential acquisition targets internationally

They have identified a potential acquisition target in India that is present in the retail travel and health insurance markets. The top management had hired UC STRATEGY to provide them with an overview of the travel and health insurance markets, to assist them in taking a decision to invest in the potential target


Our Approach

In order to conduct a market assessment, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • As a part of the assignment, interviewed more than 35 respondents
  • Assessed and examined the growth of travel insurance market in India, project the growth for next five years
  • Mapped the outbound air travelers influx and their purchasing patterns
  • Assessed the turnover and market share of travel insurance players in India
  • Assessed travel insurance as a % of the general insurance market
  • Assessed the travel insurance market of corporate travelers and leisure travelers
  • Evaluated and highlighted the value chain and distribution channel of travel insurance in India
  • Highlighted the key purchasing criteria’s of individual customers
  • Analysed competitors and their offerings
  • Evaluated the market perception of the acquisition target company.


Our Impact

The client received a well-documented summary of findings and analysis with implication and recommendation.

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