Quantification of Efficiency Related Savings for a Leading Supplier of Decentralised Power Plants in India

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Client Challenge

The client, part of a global conglomerate was a significant supplier of decentralized power plants for Industries, Utilities and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in India. It had installed over 250 decentralized power plants in India generating around 3100 MWs.

It provided peaking solution plants, which have a higher efficiency than existing plant. Hence, the top management hired UC STRATEGY to quantify efficiency-related savings on a pan-India basis by using client peaking load solutions


Our Approach 

In order to conduct the assignment, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • Executed detailed analytics, this included:
    • Gaining insights into the following key data pivots over a period of 1 year (For city/ regions shortlisted by client)
      • Maximum load
      • Minimum load
      • Unrestricted demand
      • Time of peak demand
      • Demand requirements MW (At different time intervals (hrs) / % of time)
      • Base/ Peak load requirements
    • Standardisation of all available data
    • Prepared a representative overall load duration curve and determine base/ peak load requirements
  • Assessed and Examined the applicability of client’s solution, this included:
    • Based on load pattern analysis mapped the applicability of Client solution at different load requirements
    • Gained insights into the efficiency of Client-based solution under different scenarios :
      • MW requirements
      • Hours of usage
      • Heat rates of fuel
      • Number of modules utilized for different durations, etc.
  • Quantified business benefits:
    • Determined efficiency of the existing power generation mix
      • Fuel consumption and electricity generated
    • Determined backup power efficiency
      • Efficiency for each backup type
      • Backup type mix
      • % Usage of backup solutions
    • Prepared excel model and simulated scenarios to:
      • Quantify efficiency benefit of solution over existing mix (grid power + backup)
      • Quantify reduction in emissions (Impact on environment) by using solution


Our Impact

The client was presented with a detailed report of affected savings due to the use of client’s unique solution.

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