Re-Engineering of Artwork Management Process for a Pharmaceutical Company

Client Challenge

The client was a global leader in the field of anaesthesia. It engaged UC Strategy to re-engineer the artwork management process

Our Approach

To provide recommendations for artwork management process, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Understood the scope of study and key objectives
  • Conducted discussion with internal stakeholders to understand the current process
  • Listed best practices based on discussion with Industry experts
  • Conducted data analytics
  • Identified gaps by mapping it to best practices, data analysis and based on inputs from internal stakeholders
  • Validated gaps with internal stakeholders
  • Formulated conclusions and recommendations
  • Documented SOP

Our Impact

UC Strategy provided knowledge about the Process adopted by competitors and best practices, Recommendation for change in process, Organization structure changes, Metrics, IT initiatives and ­­Review mechanism

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