Review of the Organisation and Information Technology Systems for a Manufacturing Company of Turpentine Based Fine Chemicals

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Client Challenge

The client, a company manufacturing turpentine based fine chemicals was facing the following challenges:

  • Profitability going down and lack of proper distribution network
  • Duplication of work / high paper work and very high processing time
  • Lack of formal planning process and system and absence of clearly defined HR policies
  • High inventory levels due to nonmoving inventory and absence of stocking norms
  • Unclear job responsibilities and Lack of proper information technology system
  • Low morale of employees and absence of reporting relations in the organisation

 Our Approach

To review the organisation and information technology systems, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Developed a channel management strategy and vendor information system
  • Initiated the design and implementation of the following sub-projects
    • Set-up time reduction and paper reduction in process, achieving 70%-time reduction in order fulfilment and more than 35% in procurement process
    • Non-Productive Capacity Assessment
    • Redefined systems and procedures for stores, purchase, warehouse and dispatch department
    • Redefined the information flow and information capturing norms at all the different offices and manufacturing locations
  • Designed inventory norms
  • Developed an HR policy binder for the organisation
  • Designed an organisation structure with an industry and practice focus
  • Developed a Performance Evaluation System in the organisation
  • Designed job descriptions and profiles for key positions in the organisation
  • Developed a suggestion scheme program in the organisation
  • Studied the current information technology system and identified the functionality requirements for the organisation
    • Evaluated ERP solutions, looking into the organization’s requirement
    • Identified and implemented “Quick hits” across the organisation

Our Impact

The client received a review of the organisation and information technology systems. The overall benefits of the recommendations were estimated at ₹1 crore.

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