Reviewing Laminate Market in India

Building Materials Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a leading global laminate player had a long history of ‘indirect’ participation in India’s High-Pressure Laminates market through its past licensee but recently, however, changed its model in India by taking back its brand license and operating its business directly. On the back of this shift, the client wanted to build its India market presence significantly, leveraging the strong brand perception that the company already has in India with a larger commercial and operational footprint. Given the importance of the India market, the company wanted to validate and enhance its market and competitive insight through a broader, objective, and external perspective.


Our Approach

To provide a robust, fact-based perspective on the HPL market dynamics and growth outlook for India and to develop a go-to-market strategy to help drive client’s growth in India:

  • Triangulated primary and secondary research to obtain present market trends, market size, consumer behavior and future growth trends by product segment
  • Assessed customer segments and analysed competitor landscape to ascertain market dynamics and value chain in the industry
  • Developed summary snapshots for individual product segments and identified salient macro trends and drivers likely to impact them
  • Developed a go-to-market strategy for “high priority” segments based on four key elements of product, price, promotion and placement (location/distribution)


Our Impact

The client received a detailed product level insight into the HPL market in India, with a detailed Go-To Market strategy, which included option of Greenfield or brownfield along with pros and cons of each, while detailing a final approach and way forward for the client.

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