Defining a Strategic Organisation Review for an International Port

Logistics Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, in line with recommendations from a global “Project Future” study, is re-aligning itself to focus on new business verticals, namely logistics services and maritime. Another consulting organisation, in conjunction with ‘Project Future’, has proposed a new organisation structure. UC Strategy was asked to review the proposed organisation structure and suggest changes, where required

Our Approach

The following approach was utilized to arrive at proposed modifications to the company’s organization structure: –

  • Discussions with internal stakeholders
  • Assessment of current and forecasted revenue for different verticals
  • Assessment of current organization structure, including SCO SVP span of control
  • Assessment of extent of overlap between customer base, resources and strategic agenda between the different verticals

Our Impact

Few recommendations were proposed from our end towards the planned organization structure, which included reduction of span of control from 17 to 10 direct reporters for the SCO SVP, Introduction to new roles and responsibilities, where required, Division and function of commercial department and Role of customer service (CRM) department, both centrally and locally


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