Strategic Review of Regional Structure of a Leading Marine Terminal Operator

Logistics Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client was a leading international marine terminal operator in all major nations across the world. The client approached UC Strategy to conduct a strategic review of its regional organisation structure based in India.


Our Approach

In order to conduct a strategic review, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • Participated, as observers, in a context setting workshop which introduces the objective of the engagement and co-opts key stakeholders at the corporate office
  • Through a series of one-on-one interviews with corporate office personnel, established an understanding of functions performed, ownership, metrics and key challenges
  • Assessed and examined:
    • Organisation structure
    • Job descriptions
    • Performance metrics – Key performance indicators and key result areas
    • Competencies of all employees
    • Personnel data
  • Synthesized our findings and compare the same with the set of issues developed along. Our endeavor was to establish areas of convergence and divergences
  • Outlined recommendations to address issues. This included revisions to:
    • Organisation structure
    • Process owner’s map outlining ownership of processes
    • Performance metrics
    • Decision matrix
    • Headcount requirement


Our Impact 

The client received a detailed strategic review along with redefined organisation structure.

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