Strategic Roadmap for a Leading Non Dairy Cream Player in India

Client Challenge

The client, a leading Non-Dairy Cream Player in India wanted to develop a strategy using existing products/ product extensions that would provide 25% y-o-y growth.

The client wanted to primarily assess the market and opportunity for 3 main routes as follows:
1. Product strategy for dark chocolate cake
2. Product and channel strategy for non-dairy cooking cream
3. Product and Retail Channel Strategy

Our Approach

To develop and assess the opportunity in the non-dairy cream segment, UC STRATEGY adopted the following
• Triangulated primary and secondary research to obtain market size and future growth
rates by product segment, channel, region ad city tier
• Developed product and channel recommendations based on customer need and
competitor approach
• Developed revenue models for each opportunity based on quantitative and qualitative

Our Impact

The client received detailed product and channel recommendations along with revenue models for each opportunity that will help to achieve requisite growth

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