Strategy for an Edible Oil Manufacturing Company to Enter the IT Industry

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

Considering the sudden surge in the information technology (IT) industry in the last five years, the client, an edible oils manufacturing company wanted to venture into the sector and to capitalise on the on-going boom in the industry. As a first step towards getting into the business, the company tied up with a leading IT multinational to provide training in software development. The company was also into IT consulting, it represented norms of radiological safety (NFS-R) to provide consulting for ISO 9000 quality management.

Our Approach

To form a strategy for the client’s entry into IT, UC Strategy did the following:

  • Studied the IT industry and prepared the Indian industry landscape
  • Identified the areas of focus based on the company’s internal capabilities, the areas identified were –
    • Application Development
    • IT Enabled Services
    • IT Consulting
  • Conducted a detailed research at the segment level for each focus area on the following parameters –
    • Market Size and Growth
    • Key Players and the Competitive intensity
    • Critical Success factors for each segment
    • Trends impacting the segments
  • The segments were then rated and the most attractive segments were selected for further evaluation
  • Further evaluated the focus areas based on the investment capabilities and return on investment
  • Finalised the focus segments for the organisation to pursue.
  • Identified strategic initiatives for the company to implement the strategy
  • Prepared a financial plan and assessed the viability of business
  • Prepared a detailed implementation plan


Our Impact

The client received a well defined Entry Strategy for the Information Technology Industry.



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