A Study of the Fiber to the Home Market in India

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Client Challenge

The client was a manufacturer of optical fibre and optical fiber cables. UC STRATEGY had previously been engaged by the client to understand the potential in the fiber to the home (FTTH) market in India. Post the global financial crisis, the client wanted to understand the validity of the previous study and any key changes in the FTTH market.

Our Approach

To conduct an update study on the FTTH market, UC STRATEGY adopted the following approach:

  • Refreshed the India market size for FTTH applications by validating
    • Assumptions for market size, drivers and trip wires
    • The regulatory environment
  • Studied the Chinese market to gather learnings for the Indian market
  • Analysed the competitive landscape
    • Key players (active/passive equipment suppliers) in the FTTH space
    • Market share and presence
    • Product offerings and price points
    • Channel strategy
    • Manufacturing and research and development set up (local vs. import, own vs. contract manufacturing)
  • Profiled value chain participants (telecom companies, infrastructure companies, system integrators, installers)
    • Market positioning, relationships, market share etc.
    • Value proposition of each of the channel participants
    • Existing modes of channel engagement for FTTH roll out
  • Created a market entry strategy, defining the business model, including product positioning, channel partnerships, target customers and potential market share

Our Impact

The client received a complete refresher study on the FTTH market in India. UC STRATEGY also provided a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape and the future plans of the key value chain participants. The client also received a market entry strategy for the FTTH market.



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