To Estimate the Market Size and Acceptability of Using Composite Sheet Piles in U.A.E for a Conglomerate

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client is a conglomerate based in U.A.E and having a presence in diverse businesses like steel, power, environment and polyethene. Given the construction boom in the U.A.E and the usage of steel sheet piles for various applications, the top management requested UC Strategy to answers to the following key strategic questions:

  • Is there a sizeable demand for composite sheet piles (current and future) in the U.A.E?
  • What materials will a composite sheet pile replace/ compete with?
  • Will composite sheet piles be accepted by consultants and developers?
  • What will be the adoption rate for composite sheet piles in the next 10-year horizon?
  • Should we enter this segment?

Our Approach

UC Strategy studied the market and the scope for composite sheet piles taking the following steps:

  • Gained insights into different piling systems currently in use in the U.A.E for both marine and land/ building applications
  • Conducted detailed primary research meetings with prime consultants, piling contractors and developers –
  • Analysed the excavation depth and total installation cost for different piling systems and evaluated the possible use of composite sheet piles for different applications
  • Estimated the level of acceptability of composite sheet piles in the next 10 years
  • Estimated the current and future market size for composite sheet piles in U.A.E and projected the possible revenue that can be generated by the client in the next five years.

Our Impact

UC Strategy recommended a go-to-market strategy and the way forward for the client

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