Undertaking a Process Review for a Multinational Bank

Financial Consulting Strategies

Client Challenge

The client was a multinational bank that was in the process of transforming itself into a world-class organisation. Consequently, the internal services division was required to significantly improve its performance to support the rest of the organisation. Two years into operation, the division faced the following issues:

  • Absence of documented standard operating procedures for delivering its services to customers
  • Lack of uniformity of procedures
  • Lack of awareness of procedures
  • Poor economies of scale
  • Lack of accountability

Our Approach

To undertake the process review for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Reviewed and redesigned the following processes
  • Mail Operations – introduced a system to ensure that all mail could be tracked from sender to recipient within 24 hrs.
  • Procurement – introduced procedures for centralised and decentralised procurement, outsourcing / insourcing evaluation, supplier performance evaluation
  • Archiving – identified opportunities to effect savings amounting to one and half years of space requirements
  • Property Services and Project Management – devised a methodology to deliver these services in a collaborative manner to internal customers
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance – recommended decentralised organisational arrangements to improve efficiency
  • Bills Processing – introduced a system to ensure accuracy of bill service areas which were weak in their existing definition and delivery

Our Impact

UC documented all service areas and provided an operating manual with formats to facilitate performance reporting in these areas. The client also received a ‘Customer Manual’ explaining the services offered and how internal customers could avail of them.