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Universal Consulting India Pvt Ltd (UC) is a Strategy + Execution Consulting Firm, founded in 1994, by Jay P. Desai, with just US$ 1,000. UC now has a team of 60+ employees across its Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore offices.
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Our Industries

UC brings broad industry expertise spanning functions, sectors, and geographies. We draw on tested research methodologies, analytical tools, and strategic frameworks to provide context, but weigh findings against our personal knowledge of how an industry actually works.
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Thought Leadership

Reluctantly Redundant - The Real Cost of Power

India is burdened with a substantial power deficit resulting in vast tracts of the country, living in the dark shadows of frequent power outages. Meanwhile, India’s hapless citizens have...

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The Future of Indian Biosimilars

The evolutionary pressure to merge the boundaries between pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in order to survive, is increasing. The current view on the Indian biosimilars...

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Business Landscape of India

India’s growth has been accelerated over the last 20 years. Major multi-national companies have entered India and capitalised on India’s human capital......

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Accountability: Angst, Awareness, Action

India is poised at a crucial juncture in its post-independence history. Accountability, the heartbeat of governance, is under siege. The epidemic of unaccountability lurks beneath...

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