Organisation Design

UC integrates rigorous analytical skills, best practices, and practical approaches to devise tailored solutions for enhancing organizational design and monitoring employee performance across departments. With considerable experience in executing intricate organizational projects spanning diverse industries, UC emphasizes projects aimed at initiating essential organizational changes to enhance efficiency and align the organization to its strategic objectives.

UC combines rigorous analytical abilities, best practices, and pragmatic approaches to develop custom solutions to improve organization design and track employee performances across divisions. Our extensive experience in delivering complex organizational projects with company-wide implications across a wide range of industries allows us to drive essential organizational changes that boost efficiency and align the organization with its strategic goals.

We bring robust, tested program and change management capabilities to help our clients implement the right solutions while helping their people adjust and improve performance.

UC helps clients identify capability gaps through internal diagnostics and external benchmarking, setting up key initiatives for developing capabilities that include process, organizational, and infrastructural changes. Our 100-day plan methodology ensures effective strategy execution and builds client team capabilities.

Key examples of our work:

  • Conducted an organizational review for the largest 2- and 3-wheeler auto component manufacturer and the largest aluminum die-casting company in India.
  • Aligned the organization with strategy for one of Asia’s most profitable tire manufacturers.
  • Conducted for one of the largest container terminal operators in the world.
  • Designed and implemented for a leading MNC pharmaceutical company.
  • Developed for a multi-brand retailer in the UAE.
  • Enhanced people and machine productivity profitability for an aluminum die-cast manufacturer in the auto segment.

UC’s commitment to enhancing organizational design and monitoring employee performance ensures that our clients can navigate today’s competitive landscape with agility and resilience. Our proven methodologies and deep industry expertise empower organizations to achieve both short-term wins and long-term sustainable growth.

Our Services

The pressure to generate strong sales growth for a company is intense, especially in the current slow growth economic environment. To compound matters, many companies that experienced down-sizing in sales and key support areas during the recession have been slow to bring resources back. Additionally, demands for support and responsiveness from customers continue to go up, putting more pressure on sales teams and supporting functions. The combination of these factors is forcing many companies to re-examine their sales strategies, sales organisations and key processes to drive higher productivity and return on investment from their sales resources.

UC brings analytical firepower and best practices to identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement. We assess drivers for sales force productivity and opportunities for sales force collaboration between divisions, and also the impact of sales force allocations of merged entities. We help our clients realign their sales force with market segments and emerging trends in their industry. We focus on generating quick wins while helping our clients build their sales capabilities for the long-term to withstand emerging competition.

As competitive forces churn industries, organisations are forced to constantly update their internal capabilities. Ensuring the right set of capabilities get built within the organisation is a crucial strategic decision. UC helps clients setup key initiatives for developing capabilities, including process, organisation and infrastructure changes. UC identifies the capability gap through internal diagnostics and external benchmarking, isolates the capabilities that are critical to achieve the strategic vision of the organisation and highlights key initiatives to develop them. In close consultation with our clients, we rank the key initiatives based on ease of execution and financial benefit. We implement a 100 Day Plan Methodology to meticulously execute strategy and build client team capabilities.