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Universal Consulting India Pvt Ltd (UC), our 30-year-old Indian strategy consulting firm based in Mumbai, founded in 1994 by Jay Desai. UC started with its 1st consulting project and has now completed 1,062 consulting projects and provided over 2.5 million hours of consulting support to our 380+ Clients. Over the past 30 years we have advised both MNCs and Indian companies. More than 75% of UC’s work comprises repeat work from existing clients and referrals from them.

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Strategy Formulation

UC specializes in helping corporations achieve strategic growth. We work collaboratively to help organizations answer critical questions, make data-driven decisions and develop plans to increase shareholder value. Our approach combines deep industry expertise with a strong understanding of market trends. We leverage analytical tools to transform this knowledge into actionable strategies that create measurable long-term value.

Organisation Design

UC integrates rigorous analytical skills, best practices, and practical approaches to devise tailored solutions for enhancing organization design and monitoring employee performance across departments. With considerable experience in executing intricate organizational projects spanning diverse industries, UC emphasizes projects aimed at initiating essential organizational changes to enhance efficiency and align the organisation to its strategic objectives.

Strategy Implementation

Strategy execution or implementation support is ingrained in UC’s essence and is fundamental to our core operations. Our consulting focus on strategy implementation sets UC apart from numerous other management consulting firms. We assist clients in realizing their strategic objectives by minimizing the risks associated with execution failures.

Operations Improvement

UC assists companies in identifying the bottlenecks in their Operations & Supply chain and improving operational performance and profitability with efficiency, speed, and flexibility in today’s competitive marketplace. We deliver bottom-line results, helping clients save billions through enhanced efficiency. Our pragmatic approach ensures quick wins while laying the foundation for long-term improvement.


Life Sciences (Pharma & MedTech)

The Indian pharmaceutical and Medtech industries are booming owing to growth drivers such as government support, strong domestic demand, medical tourism, infrastructure development, focus on R&D, and strong drug manufacturing.

Crop & Food Science

India is heavily dependent on the agriculture sector with around 50% of the workforce being directly employed by agriculture-related activities. The agricultural and processed food exports saw a rise of 13% in the financial year 2022-2023. The underlying factors driving this growth include increased...

Industrial Products & Capital Goods

The manufacturing industry of Capital goods forms a robust foundation across various sectors such as Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure, Consumer goods, to name a few. The growth drivers include ageing equipment requires auto replacement which creates opportunity for Transmission & Distribution sector (T&D), massive...


India’s automotive sector is experiencing a growth surge fuelled by a booming economy and a rising domestic consumer class. This is attracting not only global carmakers but also significant investments into the supplier base. However, this promising outlook comes with its own challenges. Suppliers face intense pressure from Original Equipment...

Construction & Building Materials

India’s construction industry is a critical driver of the nation’s economy, significantly benefiting from the recent infrastructure investment boom. Indian construction industry has been seeing unprecedented growth in the past few years fuelled by factors like the increased governmental emphasis on infrastructure...

Ports & Logistics

The ports and logistics sector in India is experiencing exponential growth owing to factors such strategic location, growing trade, and government initiatives. UC has had the opportunity to work with clients across all entities in the Logistics Network for engagements such as defining an entry strategy for one of the largest Indian infrastructure players into the logistics...

Retail & Consumer Products

India stands out as one of the prime destinations for investment in the retail sector due to several compelling factors. These include its large population, the burgeoning middle-income demographic comprising approximately 158 million households, escalating urbanization rates, a growing connectivity with rural consumers...

Banking & Financial Services

The banking sector in India has consistently demonstrated remarkable stability on a global scale, even amidst worldwide financial turmoil. The Indian banking system remains strong, supported by prolonged decreases in non-performing loans and sufficient levels of capital and liquidity reserves.

Case Studies

Life Sciences (Pharma & MedTech)

Forecasting the Market Potential of a Pertuzumab Biosimilar for HER2+ Breast Cancer in India

Crop and Food Science

Shaping the Corn Ecosystem in India

Industrial Products & Capital Goods

Unveiling Competitive Strategy for a Leading Automation Technology Corporation

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